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Well I tried it again, this time I got the E-Call and left it in the tracker, I just used a mouth call.
I called and waitied then called again, I saw movment out in the brush. I did a real soft call and out at about 100 the bushes moved and out walked 2 coyotes. The larger of the 2 barked a couple of times and sat down. I called softly again , nothing, they just sat there. I slowly placed my .223 on the shooting stick and took careful aim, boom, nothing moved then the smaller one ran off about 50yds and stopped. I took aim one the larger one again, once again ,boom,nothing it just shook its head to the side then they both took off for parts unknown.
Checked my scope later in the day and one of the mounts was loose, resighted and waiting for round 3.
I got a couple of different mouth calls for the next time.
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