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london colts

A quote from "A History of the Colt Revolver" on page 89, "Colt closed the London branch of his company in 1857". He didn't like the way English did things and "The London Pistol Company"., took over. they used left-over Colt parts and mixed them up accordingly. I quote from the same book and page, "'If Colt could not make as enterprise work, no one could". This is an old book , written by Haven and Belden, and if you like old guns, I suggest you buy it. They have any obscure piece of Colt history you could imagine. I believe a lot of you guys already have it, but if not, I HIGHLY recommend it, if for nothing else than the fine quality pictures of old colts on almost every page. And these aren't drawings, they are actual fine quality pictures, where you can see every scratch and blemish.
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