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Its your outfit,you have fun any way you choose.I'm on your side!

An M-1 carbine needs a certain pressure curve to work right.It runs on the gas pressure.The little tappet in the gas cylinder spanks the slide about 1/4 in and thats what starts the cycle.That spank has to be right.

I would not load more than 10 Trail Boss to try.Then see what you think.I do not think they will run semi-auto.

I used to use H-110 and 2400 in my carbine.H-110 is not good for light loads.You have to run full power.

My concern about the lead and gas port :They drill that hole from the outside,into the bore.All drilled holes push a burr of some kind as they break through,even a very small one.You can't go back and de-burr that hole

It breaks in as its shot over,and essentially the burr disappears,but it is a sharp edge.Think cheeze grater as lead bullets are obturating by.Just me,do it your way,I never liked the thought of the heat and lead flakes building up in my gas system.

An M-1 carbine is a lot of fun,Good for you.
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