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I also noticed the lack of data when I went to the Alliant site. I have some 2400 I wanted to use in .44 and .357 mags with cast bullets. It was somewhat dissapointing to see Speer jacketed bullet loads and not much more. The Lyman manual (I have both the 47th and 49th) is OK but kind of sparse IMO while the Lee 2nd lists a lot of powders for a given bullet weight but does not differentiate by bullet shape, type or design.

For example, the Lee manual lists at least two dozen or more powders for .45 ACP in each of the following: 200 grain jacketed, 200 grain lead, 230 grain jacketed, and 230 grain lead. While that gives you a huge choice of powders, the bullet data is almost too basic to be useful. The lack of different bullet types is drawn more sharply into focus when you realize that Lee also lists specs in any of the above categories with a COL spread of as much as .085" from one powder to another with the same bullet weight.

That's why I like to cross check load data from at least a couple of different sources. Some of the older manuals list higher charge weights for the same bullets shown in the modern manuals but don't have any of the newer powders. Newer manuals and internet sites have the newer powders but are more conservative with charge weights and as discussed above may be more "marketing driven".
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