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Remember guys....

every 5 stand set up ......and every sporting clays course....can be light years different....terrain, range of targets, size of targets, report, true pairs ...make even one station on the same course, very different...depending on the setup.

and at least at my club....they change the 5 stand cards ....and vary the machines on the sporting course most every week. Most of the stations have 6 machines on the sporting course....and from week to week ..the degree of difficulty ....and the hold point, kill points - ( and chokes you could use ) ...can vary a lot !

The best courses...on 5 stand and my view, are set up for class C shooters to be able to break about 70 out of 100 targets....throw a few nasty ones in there/ make the shooters really think on 2 or 3 stations...but make at least 70% of the course very shootable - for a decent average shooter. Not every setup ---has to be as if its the US Open championships...and that we're all Master Class shooters...( I'm not anyway ).
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