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Not changing chokes is not your best choice, in my opinion...when you can change them / and the target presentation almost requires that you change them ( like an outbound / Trap style target at 50 + yds way an IC choke is going to give you enough to make a decent shot at that target ) you might hit it with an IC choke and 7 1/2's ....but that's not shooting to your fullest potential or giving yourself the best chance vs using that load of 7 1/2's with an ImpMod or a Full choke...

I used to change chokes a lot more than I do now on most sporting 80% of the time I shoot Mod / Mod in both barrels and 1 oz of 8's in a 12ga for targets that are in that 20 - 40 yd kill range. But I still carry a box of chokes with reason not to have my opinion.
I like specific guns for specific target games...and I won't shoot my best scores with a Skeet / sporting clays gun on a Trap range ( although it can be done )...and I will sure not do very well on a Skeet range or sporting range ...with a big heavy Trap gun...../ but on days when my shoulder, elbow and hands hurt...going to a semi-auto that is a pretty good all around gun not a bad plan / not for serious competition - because I don't shoot at that level anymore (never did really).

A semi-auto is not my primary gun for any game ...but down the road, as I get into my 70' may allow me to keep shooting every week ...and still be reasonably competitive ( because I'm not good enough - or confident enough - to shoot a 28ga O/U at most sporting clays courses...and give myself a decent chance ) I might rely on that one 12ga semi-auto to get me a few more targets....and its a full pound lighter than my 28ga O/U and that helps my shoulder and elbow as well. Right now that gun is a Benelli super sport ...and I have one in 20ga as well .../ or maybe one of the Beretta UGB's down the road...but my body will tell me when its time to hang up the 8 1/2 lb - 10 lb O/U's...(maybe it is telling me now ..)...

I won't quit shooting ...but adapting to a 1 gun philosophy ...not for a serious competition shooter like Zippy was.../ but just so you can get out and compete a little at a local club level is not all bad either.
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