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Having bought "Taylor's Imported Uberti" stuff from both S&S (as a walk-in customer) and from other sources, as well as Cimarron imported Uberti's from Texas Jacks, I can say categorically that you are better off with the basic Uberti's as imported by Taylors (who supply S&S). The Cimarron stuff is identical, save for "extra and very non-authentic markings" applied to the BBL, while the "Taylor's" imports are very discreetly marked under the loading lever. The fit and finish is identical, the quality is identical, and the Taylor's imported stuff is less expensive.

S&S is a TINY storefront in the strangest place possible to sell this stuff, a run-down city block in the middle or the typical urban street-scene. Inside they have TONS of stuff for reinactors. Their actual BP Revolver inventory "on hand" is usually pretty small, as in perhaps a dozen all together. They order from Taylors, who are notorious for being backlogged. S&S is a small family run busines, the kind of three-generation business that you definately want to support. I love doing business with them. I felt really.... weird.... carrying out three boxes containing three (beautiful) BP revolvers down the street past the rappers to my truck there... it was surreal.

Texas Jacks, on the other hand (the retail outlet for Cimarron) was a nightmare to deal with. Promised shipping dates missed, wrong items (wrong model pistols) shipped, failure to send a call tag for a return as promised, very long wait time for a refund after items were finally returned, phone calls and emails not returned (while trying to place the original order),... etc., etc., etc. I would categorically not recommend doing business there.

Looks like Buffalo Arms is another reseller of the Cimarron imports. I'd be interested to hear what is now marked on them. Mine were so childishly marked that I sent them back. "Saml. Cotl, New Jork" on the BBL my ass... and that was just a start.

Bottom line is that a "X model Dragoon" from S&S or Cimarron are going to be identical Uberti products same for the (odd) markings applied to the Cimarron stuff.



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