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I used to keep a few 22’s around. One was a semiautomatic the rest are revolvers. Unfortunately they were lost at sea, during the collision with an ice berg.

A Ruger New Single Six, with 2 cylinders (22LR & Magnum). Satin Stainless and a beauty.

A Ruger 22/45 MK III, 22LR. It had a Bushnell TR-25 Ultra-Compact Red Dot on the top rail. On the bottom rail was a Sig Sauer CPL-RWR-R Compact Pistol Laser Rail. A neat little red laser sight. A real pain to disassembly but a great shooter.

Displayed with the Mark III is a Sig Sauer Mosquito. She usually gets a range trip about once a week. After getting over her preference for CCI Mini Mags she’ll shoot practically anything now. I put the Sig Sauer CPL-RWR-R Compact Pistol Laser Rail on her for a couple of range trips and she turned into a tack driver.

A High Standard, Double Nine, Model W-104. This one was made in 1962. I acquired her from a friend who got her in 1970. I traded him a NAA Black Widow for it. A Classic but not a great shooter like the Ruger Single Six. She’s in great shape for her age.

Last is a Smith & Wesson 1, 2nd Issue, made in 1865. No range trips for this Old Gal. At 147 Years of Age she needs a break. Polished her up lightly with some Renaissance Wax and she’s a Safe Queen.

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