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Yep '51

Just a little mis-typed jumber but you guys don't miss a thing or let it go without pokin fun at the dummy who can't type!
Yep, I admit it I type LOUSY but have good intentions...
Anyhoo, the light charges CAN even go a little too light and fail to clear the barrel and such, so it behooves us to carefully and lightly load all Brass Framed revolvers!
I have had good luck with this one at a 20 gr load. I use a little COW for filler to move the balls closer to the forcing cone. I don't like to have the balls travel too far to get to the cone for accuracys sake. This revolver groups best loaded this way.
I haven't seen any movie guns with Brass Frames but I'm sure some cheapo armorer has used em.
Thanks for the replies and belief that I mistyped!
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