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Not to say anything against Chiappa, but the only Italian copy I have seen any number of at BPCR matches where they actually keep score is Pedersoli.
Right? It's like no one has ever owned one of those guns. Unless, of course, you're saying you have seen them and they did poorly/sucked. Seriously, I've seen no owner reviews anywhere, good or bad.

The closest thing I heard was that they felt well made at Shot Show, and a couple people (from Down Under, I believe) had glowing, if non-specific, reviews of the "Mare's Legs" they had bought. Most "reviews" of their rifles consist of complaints about .22LR 1911's (probably not constructed the same as a 45-70 ), and hurt feelings over the whole RFID/tinfoil thing . I do seem to recall Chiappa made 45-70 leverguns for Puma/Cimarron/somebody, that were well-thought-of.

I see I have no choice but to buy one (you know, for research)

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