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Ive been watching this thread for a while now and I must say half of you must not have watched the movie or at least didnt pay attention.

They leave the airplane crash without making any kind of weapons out of the steel and head for a line of trees a mile away without them. When they get there, instead of making spears out of tree limbs or wood laying around and get into a circle when the wolves approach, they get picked off one at a time...Liam is supposed to be a hunter of some kind and the leader but sure did some stupid moves
Would you want to make steel weapons if your hands where already freezing? Liam said he was going to go to the trees to try and show the wolves he was leaving, which if they were in the "30 mile" kill zone was a good idea. They did make weapons and they did try to fight them off, but only 1 came into camp. No one really said he was the leader everyone just followed him.

And what was the deal with the shotgun shells? He used a rifle, but they had shotshells
He had two guns in the movie it just never showed him using a shotgun.

I had hoped that the reason for no one bothering to try to fashion some sort of weapon was the movies message. Then I realized there wasn't one.I just wanted someone, anyone to please make a spear, a club, climb a tree, just do something.
They did make weapons, improvied "bang sticks", and a club they just didnt keep them.

He threw away his rifle because it was broke. Was it just the stock broken? How could you damage it further then breaking the stock? And no cell phones?
You are right one one thing. He sure as heck coulda shot the rifle with a broken stock. As for the cell phone there was one, one of the guys was trying to call out on it right before the first guy died. Even if you could get out on it what are you gona tell the people you call? "We crashed but I dont really know where we are."?

As far as a sequal goes it could be possible. The end of the credit clip (which im sure only one of you actually watched) doesnt suggest either Liam or the wolf dies.

As far as the plot yes it coulda been better but I thought they did alright. Wasnt as bad as most movies I've seen.
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