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Hawg:On replacing the parts;

Partly because I'm crazy,I guess.I do have a good impression of the ATI 1911 for the most part.

The edges of the spur are sharp enough to cut,as is the wide spur hammer and square thumb safety.Yes,I could dehorn them,but then the parkerizing is messed up.

With my hand,an arched mainspring housing plus no speed bump ,if I was in a hurry,got less than perfect grip,grip safety would be a problem.

I also was real disappointed in how the slide stop fit,and how it was made.Its a Harbor Freight part.

I decided to not alter any original parts.This gun can be put back to original config by just pulling the new parts.

I used the semi-drop in Wilson beavertail,but it requires a commander hammer.

I just decided to get a Cyl and Slide kit.The spring and pin rebuild kits are cheap,and CYA for the dropped pin,or whatever.

So,yeah,I could have bought a Springfield Armory for what I have spent.Might have been a better plan,

But,now I know what I have,I know all the parts inside are Wilson or Ed Brown or Cyl and Slide and I am giving my son in law a handgun I can trust.

Once I shoot a couple hundred rounds through it.
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