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My primary 3 chokes ....are Skeet, Improved Cyclinder and Modified. I will carry an Improved Mod and a Full ( but I rarely shoot either one ).

In general ....if I were shooting Handicapped Trap singles...At 21 yd line - 25 yd line I'd shoot an Improved Mod / and a Full choke at 26 and 27 yds.

For Sporting Clays...I've rarely seen a target that I wanted an Imp Mod or a Full choke for ...except in State Tournaments ...where the target setters are putting a target out there to separate the shooters in Master class...and torture the rest of us mere mortals. Now for sporting I will carry 2 chokes in the gun ....and a box of chokes in my vest or on my handcart ...with a total of 2 skeet, 2 IC, 2 Mod, 1 Imp Mod , 1 Full.....

Same thing if I hunt upland birds....never tighter than a Mod.

Unlike my buddy Zippy ....I like the idea of a gun with changeable my opinion, it makes the gun more versatile / and if I wanted to, I could shoot just one gun for most everything. When I travel by air -with a shotgun - I typically take a 12ga Benelli super sport...and 5 extended crio chokes...Cyclinder, Imp Cyclinder, a Mod, an Imp Mod and a Full ( and I'll shoot Skeet with the Cyclinder on that gun ).
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