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POI shift with Suppressor

1st. Happy Memorial Day and Thank You to all who have served or are serving!

Took delivery of a Coastal LRT 7.62 Can. (6 mos 4 days from mail date to approved date BTW)

35 yds distance on a 300 BLK AAC 9" barrel, very little shift, quiet, a little heavy but it can handle supers when you want.

125 yds on a SCAR 17S 16" barrel, shooting 168grain Hornady Tap and 175 grain SMKs. POI shift 5" down and maybe an 1" right. No problem, I expected that.

Put the can on a Savage 10 with a heavy 24" Douglas Barrel (which shoots MOA or less without the can) and it shifted 3 FEET down at 125yds. So much shift I ran out of adjustment (Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x) before I could get it on paper. Remove the can, dial back to the unsuppressed settings, and 5 shots MOA almost dead center.

Any ideas? Thoughts?

The can is user servicable. No baffle strikes.

I am happy on the one hand... 300 BLK is really quiet and pretty accurate too. SCAR .308 not to shabby. Bolt Gun.... Pffft I'm totally baffled.
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