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IMR 4227 for 357 and Ruger 45 Colt

I recently bought a pound of 4227 to try as a replacement for N110. I emailed Hodgdon with a question but still haven't gotten a reply. I'm going to have to call them but in the mean time maybe someone here can answer my question and tell me what they know about this powder. Here is the email:

"I have been using N110 for years in 357 Magnum and Ruger-only 45 Colt but am about out of the last of an 8lb keg I purchased years ago. Since N110 is no longer sold except in 1lb canisters now and is hard to find and a lot more expensive I have decided to switch to one of your powders for full power 357 Magnum and hot 45 Colt. For mid-range loads I have already started using Universal and have worked up good loads. I just bought a pound of IMR 4227 and 158gr and 250gr XTPs to do some load work up. It is my understanding that the new IMR 4227 is actually your old H4227. The canister I just purchased is labeled made in Australia. I have used H4227 years ago and the color of the powder I just purchased is not the same as I remember. It is a dark gray. Can I use data for H4227, which you still publish and there is more of, or should I use data for IMR, which can vary considerably from data for H4227? I prefer extruded powders over ball powders and that is why I'm trying 4227 again. I know I will be giving up some velocity to H110/296 and Lil Gun but the velocity will be the same come winter. Thank you."
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