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Posted by themalicious0ne: ...but, one straight to the groin in a small caliber first shot if you were being followed or you were in danger, ...
I have no idea how one would attempt to justify shooting someone while being followed.

...especially if the assailant had a knife, imagine if he or she got away ditched the knife, and you told the cops you tried to shoot him/her in the groin... Talk about your possible law suit.
I would be a lot more concerned about criminal charges.

The risk of having tried to shoot someone in a particular place on the body lies in the fact that one's having had time to do so could prove a strong indication that the danger had not really been imminent.

Aiming for the groin does have one real advantage. Should an assailant stop before you shoot, he may continue to constitute a serious danger. If you have your gun on him, it is critical for you to be able to watch his hands. The best way to ensure that may well be to aim low.
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