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Dogs in wolf areas?

Last year I went bird hunting in northern Idaho. A hunting buddy of mine had a well trained dog (I am not sure of the breed... I am not a dog guy) that would follow his hand signals. The dog did very well in the past when hunting pheasants.

Any way last year we where hunting ducks in some of the wet land areas in northern Idaho when my buddy dog starts to pee all over its self. It then starts whimpering and will not shut up. We finally locked it up in the truck. We never saw any thing so that afternoon we packed it up and went to a small back woods style bar and grill.

After talking to one of the locals we mention our dog situation and he says that we where likely in wolf territory. He said that dogs start acting really odd when in wolf territory especially if they are not taken there often. He told a story about how dogs will go after grizzly bears with out a second though but will hide at the first sign of a wolf.

Is this true? Do wolves scare the P*$$ out of dogs?

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