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Posted by Wahoo95: As I kid I witnessed a guy get shot COM with a .22lr pistol and he dropped like a sack of potatoes.
Wahoo, it is possible but unlikely that the man dropped immediately due to the physiological effects of the bullet. Barring an effective hit to the brain or the upper spinal cord) it is highly unlikely that a single bullet will incapacitate a person immediately. It is possible that the psychological impact (the reaction to the realization that one has been shot) will cause the person to go down. But it would not be wise to count on it.

For more on the subject, study this.

Just goes to show a hole in the heart will kill you regardless to whether that hole is 22cal or 45 cal......shot placement is everything!
While a "hole in the heart" is likely to cause the person to expire, that would be of little tactical benefit should the attacker kill or slash the defender first. The time required for the brain and muscles to exhaust the oxygen already pumped is too long to count on a heart shot for an immediate stop.

And once again, the objective is not to kill.
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