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I think the 357 sig appeals to the 357 magnum crowd... unfortunately that crowd is made mostly of revolver fans.

Basically the 357 sig gave up a lot compared to the 357 magnum jsut to make it function in a automatic. The 357sig does fine with the lighter bullets but I doubt you could even fit a 180 grain bullet in a 357 sig much less one of those 200 or 230 grain lead bullets that are shot from the 357 magnum revolvers.

Next the 357 sig is not really a 357 (or 358) caliber round. While the difference is small there is a difference.

I have seen 9mm, 10mm, 357 magnum, 40caliber carbines, never seen a 357 sig carbine.

If you want a hot rod auto-loader the 10mm is the same size of gun and will out perform the 357 sig in every ballistic way.

Then if you really want 357 magnum power in an auto-loader there are 357 magnum automatics out there like LAR, COONAN, MAGNUM RESEARCH.

I am a new owner a 357 sig (Glock 33) but if I am going to be honest I will have to say I wish I had gone with a 10mm.

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