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Agreed, though you would hope a head shot to a dog would kill it.
Did they really hit it in the head, and in the head I think most of us consider that a brain shot. I bet they blew the dogs snout off, or the side of its head. I know of a bull that got shot in the head with a .357 Magnum revolver. Knocked it out. Everyone thought it was dead. It was a low hit and blew out the sinus area, the thing came to and had to get another round. Sorry, a bit graphic, but the truth. I had to kill a German Shepherd with a .22 LR and it did the trick, emptied it on the beast, but did the trick. I had to empty it because I couldn't / didn't hit anything critical until the last shot. I have seen many a stray dog dropped with one shot with a .22 LR. Oh the joys of running a dairy farm.
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