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Light powder charges in .44

Today I finally got to try some light Powder charges (Pyrodex) in my Brass Frame Piettia '52 Replica.
Unfortunatelly I didn't have a chrony to get reads from.
I started off with a 13gr load, COW filler Wad and a .454 ball. The shot was very weak though it cleared the barrel easilly, it struck some 2 1/2" high above the POA @ 7 yards. Very low report, more of a "Puff" than a bang. I watched carefully for each ball to pass thru the paper and strike the levy behind it to be sure it cleared the BBL.
Next I moved up to 15 gr COW filler same balls and wads. The discharge was more solid and it also struck 2 1/2" high. The Muzzle report was more of a bang this time and felt more solid.
Both light loads were just for test purposes as I had read the loads in suggested in factory literature and in my opnion both are just too light for any pratical use as they strike way too high to easilly estimate. I am sure velocities were very low on the tighter fitting .454 Balls and I am sure penetration on small game might be minimal or even usefull.
I have decided to stick with my tried and true 20 gr load as it seems to fire very well with a flatter trajectory and enough velocity to likely make it a good small game killer out to 30 yards. The load strikes about 1/2" high @7yards and targeting it is easy. Discharge is solid and report involves a nice "crack" indicating good ignition.
I just had to try these light loads just because you never know with BP or Substitutes, you just might get an accurate load even on the low speed end of the scale...
Just wanted to share this experiment with ya'll!
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