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Savage 12 not striking primer

My son's Savge F12 in .223 began not striking primers (about 2 out of 10) with audible "click" on pulling the trigger. Not even a dent. Had to recock and then it would fire fine.
He (and I) were making sure we were depressing the AccuRelease lever when pulling the trigger.
I disassembled the bolt and cleaned it. So my questions are:

1. Is there a recommended torque setting for the hex-head bolt in the rear of the bolt assembly? I believe that having that not tightened down enough could lead to unwanted headspace changes.

2. If the problem continues I think a new firing pin spring is in order. I did a search but seem to only come up with springs for Savage 110s. Is that the same/compatible part? Any thoughts on a stronger than factory spring helping ensure more reliability?

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