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Nothing is quite as stimulating to an Officer when a driver opens his glove compartment and a pistol falls out. (Personal experience while I was conducting a traffic stop)
If this was about 10 to 11 years ago on the I-10 in Phoenix. Green Honda Accord and you checked me for tattoos cuz someone was using my identity in California. That was me. Sorry forgot it was in there. The wife's car my truck had a flat that morning.

If'n I were a cop the only gun I think I'd be worried about would be the one in someones hand and if I've made it to the window I would feel safe from the more dangerous ones.

I personally don't think it's anybodies business if you have a gun in the car. As long as you don't open the glove compartment with a gun in there right in front of him. If an officer shows up at your front door do you tell him you have guns in the house?
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