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RC20: Regarding what you said about the LEO shooting a dog in the head with his .40: In the Zanesville, Ohio, incident last year, one of the responding LEOs dropped a charging bear...with a head shot from his .40. Mind you, I'm not trying to dispute you here. Rather, I'm just saying that, to a large extent, there are no guarantees. What works well in one situation can still fail miserably in another. Some situations are resolved with one well-placed shots, while others are resolved by multiple well-placed shots!
Agreed, though you would hope a head shot to a dog would kill it.

And one incident should never make a decision.

Also have seen some bears taken with a 22 (I recall a woman protecting her daughter).

A couple of grizzly bears have been taken down with 9mm (at least two, maybe three). Bad shoots for sure on the two that I specifically remember. Still it took them down when multiple hits with large caliber rifles have failed to do so (other circumstances and not directly comparable).

I need to start archiving these where I can access them for better backup.

Still seems to me if penetration is what you want then the 357 is a bit better in that specific category.
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