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.30 carbine without checks?

Ok I put down a repro .30 carbine yesterday. I will be casting for it. I am looking at the Lee .309 120 grain GC mold.

Note the manager slugged it for me. It slugged at .308
Can I run them without the gas checks without leading up the barrel?

If not then what do I need to tell the machinist if I want the mold to be made plain base? The machinist is good at what he does, though he is not a shooter, and I would need to tell him what I want done. Afterwards he could do the work.

Better yet a recommended mold that is under $40 that will not need gas checks that I would not have to wait forever to get.

I would prefer to be able to do it myself. Though I do not want to ruin the mold, and I realy do not want to mess with sizing bullets. All of my other Lee molds I can shoot them as cast. Besides gas checks kinda take out the economy of casting as far as my budget for reloading goes.(I live on a janitor's pay, and also have to help Mrs M&P with her car payments from time to time. So money can get tight.)
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