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I took look at how much Goex FFFg powder ends up in a .45 Colt case if you free pour powder into the casing then use the straight edge of a business card to level it off flush to the top of the casing. After numerous pours using this technique (then averaging) I ended up with 39.8 grains of powder. Of course in this scenario there is no room to get the bullet started as the powder is flush with the top of the case.

Using my Lee Powder-Thru-Expanding-Die with the drop tube affixed to it as pictured 40 grains of powder settles into the casing in a similar fashion as you've pictured. No need to vibrate the powder as the casing mouth is expanded and then charged at the same time with the same die setup.

Different techniques with similar results is what makes BP loading sooo much fun.
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