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Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
Originally Posted by Dragline45
Driving in an automobile is more dangerous than owning a firearm, does that mean all drivers need basic medical training?...
Actually, it does -- just as pretty much everyone needs some basic medical training. And in some countries, completing a basic first-aid course is a requirement for a driver license.

However, a lot of folks just don't want to bother learning some of the stuff a person reasonably well prepared for real life ought to know.
Some folks have an aversion to preparation. My wife is a good example. I have always kept jumper cables and a first aid kit in every vehicle I own. When I married my wife and turned over to her the newest Jeep Cherokee, the first thing she did was take out the jumper cables and first aid kit. I put them back in when she goes on vacation -- she takes them out when she gets home and finds them.

This is the woman who insisted that we set out on an 1800 mile trip through one of the least inhabited deserts in the world in a new-to-us used car, without even a quart of oil or a bottle of water. How that turned out is a story for another week ...
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