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Originally Posted by Lost Sheep
Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
And exactly what evidence do you have to support that assertion? Any actual examples?
Since you ask,

I recall Meleanie Hain, a soccer mom in Lebanon, PA who had her concealed carry license revoked for carrying openly.

Unfortunately her story was overshadowed by her later murder at the hands of her husband. But the judge who ordered the Sheriff to restore her concealed carry permit found the Sheriff's action without merit.
Bad example.

Melanie's license was not revoked for drawing a firearm in self defense but not shooting. Her license was revoked because she practiced open carry (which was -- and is -- legal in Pennsylvania where she lived) and had the chutzpah to do so at her daughter's soccer game. Some other soccer mom got her knickers in a twist and complained to the sheriff, who got his knickers in a twist and pulled her license. Fortunately, the court spanked the sheriff and her license was restored.

Her case had nothing to do with the topic of discussion in this thread.

The irony was that PA allows unlicensed open carry (except in Philadelphia), so the net effect of revoking her license was to make it illegal for her to carry any other way EXCEPT open carry. I think her county's sheriff was hiding behind the door the day brains were handed out.

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