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From the link I pointed to:

Firearms Interational (FI)

At some point, FI (Firearms International, not to be confused with FIE) acquired the rights and also sold the model D as an FI-made gun, with the model D designation. No Star branding or importation marks appear, so this may also be a related endeavour where an essentially Star pistol is sold under another name entirely. There are some reports of FI selling the import-marked version as the "Garcia Model 30" as well. This appears to be the same as the Iver Johnson guns, as far as manufacturing methods go, just marketed differently. It was still presumably largely made by Star and simply assembled on a US made frame.
And, given that Colt had it's fingers on the design at the same time (see that link, at the bottom, "Rebranded Variants: the Colt Pony, Iver Johnson .380 and FI Model D") I wonder how much of the original Star design is in the current Sig 238.
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