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I have never bought a .357 Sig chambered pistol and now I will try to recall the reasons:

- Cost of ammo
- I have several 9mm's and common caliber always comes to mind
- There are still FTF's in the caliber (point is that if the shape of the round eliminated failures that would be enough that I would sell all the 9mm's and switch today.)
- Growing up on a farm I have shot a few varmints and know that a .22 LR will kill a full grown holstein steer down to a rogue tom cat, so the concern that a 9mm isn't enough to stop something doesn't concern me.
- The same reasons apply to why I don't have a .270, 7mm, 6.5 or 6.8 - The .243 and .30-06 cover the ranges of use with no glaring gaps in use or performance.

Just some thoughts. I am probably wrong, but not in my mind.
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