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FWIW, the round is good enough for whole police departments to adopt it. They make the statement that 357 Sig gives them the penetration that the 40 S&W doesn't, ie., car doors, some armored vests, building structure etc. And they still don't have to deal with the recoil of rounds like the 10MM(which I have never had a problem with). Of course, that brings an interesting point to mind., most shooting ranges that I frequent do not allow double taps or anything else that could be construed as "rapid fire". It seems to scare them to death to think that someone might want to practice rapid fire or multiple shots. But a great deal is made about the caliber of a handgun being so great that it does not allow for consistent double taps or multiple shots, which is another benefit of the 40 S&W/357 SIG. Although the P226 in 357 Sig that I had was a handful to shoot with full power loads.
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