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50% fail rate

Wow, that was discouraging...

I took the first 20 rounds (.45 ACP) I loaded to the range today and had 9 misfires. I had 2 magazines of 10 rounds each. The first one I loaded had 1 out of 10 fails and the other had 8 of the 10 misfire. These were not squibs. It felt and sounded like the firing pin hit a snap cap or a bullet with no powder load.

When I got home I deconstructed the duds. The primer didn't ignite the powder at all. Every round had a full charge. To rule out bad powder, I took a sample and ignited it (cast iron pot, long fire place match, outside...if that breaks some etiquette or safety rule I'll accept that).

I also policed and inspected the spent brass for signs of excessive pressure and, to the best of my knowledge, there were no signs of casing damage.

This leads me to two possibilities.

Either I did something wrong in seating the primer or the primers are bad.

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