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357 Sig... WHY isn't this round more popular?

I've been looking at some ballistics on the 357 sig... If these numbers look off, somebody please correct me. I'm not great with ballistics, I've just been doing some research.

From :

Federal Premium 125 gr. JHPs at 1367 fps muzzle velocity and ~550 ft/lbs muzzle energy. This was neither the high nor the low number on their tables, so I figured it was fair.

Aren't these numbers significantly better than .40 S&W (~1100fps and ~450ft/lbs)...? Again, correct me if I'm off here, but if the 357 sig outperforms the .40 S&W Why then is the 40 S&W so much more popular?

I understand the history of the .40 and that government/police contracts had nearly everything to do with the round's development and popularity, but if there's a more practical alternative, why isn't it more prominent?
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