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Curio & Relic Firearms and Accessories Thread

I think it's time that we show off some of the antiques and collectibles that all of us have accrued from times past. I will start off with my beloved Mosin Nagant PU converted sniper, 91/30 circa 1943.

A repro Accumounts scope and mount, with the bolt conversion from Buymilsurp. looks beautiful, and can hold 2-3 MOA currently with surplus ammo.

And here's my other one, a 1934 Tula hex receiver with a post-war laminate stock, which is a TGI import (NOT CAI ). The pic does not do it justice, i will take more once it gets light again.

So that's my lowly contribution to the list, but I would love to see what everyone else has in store!
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