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I think it just depends on you and the particular gun. There is no one magical gun that will work for everyone. (Glock people might say contrary, but I'm not going there!)

I shoot more accuratley with my Taurus .357 ported snubbie than with my K40 (with 4" ported barrel), but on the other hand, gryphon shoots better with his semi-autos than his .357. I shoot better with a Ruger Mark II than with all the above, but I wouldn't choose a .22 for my main carry weapon. My brother shoots better with his 1911 than with my .357. My dad shoots better with my .357 than his 1911. I shoot 1911's decently, but a full-size model is too much for me to conceal. It boils down to what you are comfortable with, what you can conceal, what you are accurate with, what has adequate stopping power, and what is reliable.

At the distance that most gunfights are known to occur, I don't consider losing muzzle velocity from a short ported barrel a major consideration. I like ported barrels because the reduced muzzle jump is easier on my hands, and allows me to shoot larger calibers more comfortably. It has also been said than shooting a ported barrel from retention may set you on fire since the flames will be shooting up at your clothes.
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