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Uberti Whitneyville question

I just got my new Uberti Whitneyville Dragoon from Buffalo Arms. Love it! It completes my Dragoon collection for now. I have a question though regarding identifying the Whitneyville as opposed to the Walker or the 1st Dragoon. I know the Walker is bigger and I know the grips on the Whitneyville and the subsequent Dragoons are different but I am confused about the screws. I have read that the Whitneyville does not have screws protruding from the right side of the frame like a Walker. Uberti's catalog shows their Whitneyville without those screw heads. The one I just received has the correct grip design but also has the screws on the right side of the frame. I believe it is a Uberti. Can anyone clarify what is technically correct?
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