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The Vanguard is the most rifle for the money right now if you don't mind a really heavy rifle. It will be near, or over 9 lbs with optics and mounts. You can still find the older versions in many places for around $350.

Other good options, better if you want a rifle of reasonable weight, include the Savage, Stevens, Marlin XS-7, Ruger American, and the TC Venture. In this price range I really like the TC the best. It sells for $425-$475 depending on location and they are proving to be VERY accurate. Not nearly as cheesy and cheap feeling as the others either. Fantastic triggers.

With a budget of $700 you can get a Ruger Hawkeye for around $650. This is a gun you'd be proud to pass down to the grandkids. The others are simply tools.
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