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PawPaw... that was a superb post. The thing is that guys from down there (I lived in Houma for a while BTW) don't feel a twinge of guilt about carrying a pistol in their car. Pull them over in NJ as they pass thru and they don't have any hesitation about saying with all innocence "sure officer, I've got my pistol *right here*" and then get hauled directly to jail. It happens about once a year, or at least makes the papers once a year or so.
Thanks, but that's the point, it's all based on locale. In New Jersey, evidently, it's against the law to carry a gun in your car. (Not bashing NJ, just sayin'). Here in Louisiana the vehicle is considered an extension of the home, therefore having a gun in your car is an absolute constitutional right. They teach us that in the police academy, whatever you can do in your home you can do in your car. SO, folks in Louisiana are ingrained with that in our heads. If I were driving thru another state and a cop asked.... Well, just last year I was driving thru Georgia and a cop stopped us. He asked if we had any guns in the car. I had to count on my fingers for a moment and told him "Yeah, four." H just shook his head and laughed.

I'm really saddened that my badge-toting brethren in other states hassle people over what I consider a constitutional right, an iron-clad constitutional right. But I blame that on The People. If The People want iron-clad constitutional rights you've got to work for them, you've got to agitate for them, you've got to politic for them and you've got to be smart about it. But, you've got to get The People on your side. That's the American way.
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