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yes and no. They were made for Sears but were considered good quality guns. Value as usual, depends on a number of things, The Grade, The gauge and the condition. A top of the line A.J. Aubrey in excellent condition can bring from 1500 to 2000$ However a plain Jane Aubrey in poor condition would only be valued at around 100 to 150. The history of Aubrey shotguns is confusing at times. He was in fact superintendent of Meriden Arms company, but it has been reported that Sears wanted a better brand for a higher grade of shotgun than Meriden name, so they went with Aubrey Firearms. To untwist the business dealing of the different gun makers and Sears in that era is a very difficult task, They were all connected to each others in one way or the other. Montgomery Wards was a very successful concern at the time and Sears was determined to equal of surpass them in business. A lot things were done " under the table " so to speak.
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