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mykeal you're probably right, but it sure seems like the hammer hangs after it passes the half cock notch. I replaced the hammer, trigger, bolt, hand and spring from a smooth remmy into the problem child and the problem went away completely. I started comparing the parts and the only glaringly obvious difference is the length of the sear side of the trigger. The problem gun's trigger is longer by about 1/16" !! I put all the original parts back in the problem gun, except I used the shorter trigger from the other remmy. It worked a lot better, but the hammer still hangs a bit. All timing was still spot on. I'll take a bit of metal off the sear side of the longer trigger and see if that helps. If it does, I'll call it victory and proclaim mykeal's genius. The gun has always fired even with the problem, but it may be able to function with less hammer spring tension when I'm done.
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