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Originally Posted by RAMZ707
My side by side 12g with 3" nitro mags would decimate anything I aim towards. At 30' with bird shot #6 both barrels I leave a pretty large print and anything coming down my hallway or through my door is not going to know what hit them!
[1] When fired from a cylinder choke shotgun, the shot pattern at 10 yards is about 7 to 10 inches.

[2] While 1.75 ounces of #6 shot is about 390 pellets, each pellet is only 0.11 inch in diameter (about half the diameter of a .22 lr bullet) and weighs only about 2 grains.

[3] Each pellet has a low sectional density and low ballistic coefficient, and so it will lose velocity rapidly.

[4] Even assuming a muzzle velocity of 1300 fps, a pellet of #6 shot is unlikely to have much penetration at 10 yards on a clothed target.
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