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Yes. Bryan Litz points out that making a perfectly symmetrical flat base is a lot easier than making a perfectly symmetrical boattail. Also, a boattail of the same weight will usually have a shorter bearing surface, which is more prone to bullet tilt in the bore. Also, the boattail takes longer to clear the muzzle, offering it more opportunity to be made to yaw by muzzle blast. The blast tends to deflect perpendicularly off a square base, where the angular blast along moves partially over the sides of the bullet which can introduce still more yaw when the normal coning motion that eventually corrects the bullet from being coaxial with the bore over to the yaw of repose begins. This is what the rebated boattail in the Lapua Scenar D46 design is supposed to prevent.

The advantage of a boattail is it reduces drag up to about 15%. That typically becomes a significant improvement only at longer ranges.
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