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Brian I have had 2 other 204s a pro hunter and a 700 VTR both shot the best with Benchmark but not this Savage. In fact I was at the range this AM to run another set of test loads. Benchmark was 1/2" or better and H335 with 26.5 gr and 27 grs. were .320 and .410. I have run that same string of test loads (3 shots) 4 times and all have been the same results. H335 at 26.5 and 27 gr have all been sub 1/2"MOA. (32 gr sierra blitzking, Remington BR primer, Hornady cases). I am switiching over to Remington brass on my next set of test loads as I found the Hornady seemed low quailty.(brass burrs in flash hole, weights were plus /minus 5 gr).
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