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"When I see a car running radar, I still instinctively lift the pedal and think "Oh ****!". For a split second, I forget that I am no longer 13 and driving illegally. I wonder how old a fellow needs to get to shake that reflex"

Never... it's operant conditioning. Same reason I freeze for a second and think "holy cow, there's a cop and I'm carrying a pistol" even with my CCW firmly in hand.

Once we are trained to "feel guilty" it stays forever.

PawPaw... that was a superb post. The thing is that guys from down there (I lived in Houma for a while BTW) don't feel a twinge of guilt about carrying a pistol in their car. Pull them over in NJ as they pass thru and they don't have any hesitation about saying with all innocence "sure officer, I've got my pistol *right here*" and then get hauled directly to jail. It happens about once a year, or at least makes the papers once a year or so.


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