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I don't like the .44 Mag in a .44 Special analogy. The .44 Mag runs at significantly lower pressure (36k psi) than .327 Federal (45k psi).

Bottling all that pressure up in a case that wasn't designed for it may cause an unintended pressure release.

Feel free to work up hot loads in .32 S&W Long and .32 H&R, but don't just use H&R data in S&W Long cases or .327 data in H&R cases.

Something to keep in mind: Hot .32 H&R loads sometimes require small rifle primers, and most medium to hot .327 loads almost always require small rifle primers. (Not for ignition purposes, but to prevent piercing/blowout.) There is an exception, though. CCI Small Pistol Magnum primers are reported to be the same as standard CCI Small Rifle primers, but in a different package. My own experience agrees, but ATK will not verify the claim.

Whatever you do, have fun with it.
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