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I've shot with lots of folks, several of them were in law enforcement, some were great shots lots weren't. I used to go to a dirt pit on my lunch hour with a sandwich and a pistol or 2 and spend the time shooting. A friend of mine asked me one time what was in my purse (gym bag with lunch and pistol & ammo) that I carried into work and out every time that I got in my truck, when I told him he asked if I was robbin banks on my lunch hour. After he found out he asked to join me, pretty soon I had a different shooting partner every day for lunch. We had a ball, next thing that I know the county sheriff (he and my dad were hunting partners) caught on to what I was doing and he asked around and wanted to know if he could send some of his guys & gals out to improve their skills (this was in the middle to late 70's before there as any formal training in my area). Lots of these folks had only shot to pass the really low qualification and then just carried a gun. Once they found out that they could be fun a lot of them got real good. The best seemed to be folks who grew up hunting, the best change was a woman who started out scared of guns but once she got over her fear she had more fun than any of us.
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