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Can you? Yes you can do it. Don't let any of that ammo find its way into a gun that can't handle the pressure though.

In the 60's the load data for 32 S&W ammo was quite hot compared to today; at least in Ackleys manuals. But he was also loading for solid frame S&W revolvers, not some break top or Spanish made copy.

The 32 H&R round was handicapped by the POS H&R revolvers that they were originally chambered in. Right after Ruger intorduced the Single Six in this caliber, people started to hot rod the round to what it should have been. Top loads in the 35K psi range are easily in light 327 power level territory. With 2400, W296, 4227, Lil Gun, and #9 you can easily get 100 - 110 gr cast bullets into the 1200-1300 fps range out of a Single Six.

Drop cylinder loads of these rounds into a H&R or NEF revolver and at some point the revolver will disassemble itself.

You might want to read Ed Harris' articles on the 32 H&R. At least you will get an insiders perspective on what you might be able to get away with.
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