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.32 H&R mag, .32 S&W L, .327 Mag

Hey folks,

I know this topic comes up often but I did not see answers to my specific questions.

I recently bought a .327 Mag revolver and plan to primarily shoot .32 H&R mag out of it. My question is, is it possible to use brass from a different caliber for different purposes?

IE: Can I load .32 S&W long brass to .32 H&R pressure? Can I load .32 H&R to (very light) .327 mag levels? I will of course work loads up, but I'm just looking for a ballpark.

As of now I am planning on buying lee carbide .32 H&R dies (3 dies + factory crimp) as well as .32 H&R mag brass, simply because I cant find .327 brass anywhere. I do have a few hundred factory rounds though, so the brass will be saved.

About how many reloads out of the Federal factory cases are you folks getting with middle-of-the-road loads?

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