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I drew down on a guy once while I was stationed in Kodiak. My daughter was very young at the time and I had her in a backpack carrier while I was fishing (Mrs. JGCoastie needed a break, from both of us I presume).

Long story short, the guy made several threats against me and my daughter because she was being louder than he liked (yeah, small children make noise, whouldathunkit?). He started stomping towards me telling me he would shut that little @#$%! up one way or another and I drew. I wasn't about to get in a fistfight with my daughter strapped to my back...

I drew down, yelled at him a couple times, and he stopped, turned, and ran to his vehicle. Several bystanders called the State Troopers and MILPOL (joint jurisdiction area). The officers from both agencies took my statement and description of the guy, talked to all the bystanders (one had written down the license plate number of the guy), and then they left.

I was open-carrying at the time and not a single one of them asked me for my gun or asked to look at it. The only time they mentioned it was after I asked them what they wanted me to do with it.... They said to just leave it holstered and that would be fine with them...

Gotta love Alaska.
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