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Originally Posted by Pawpaw
Interesting responses, based mainly on locale.
On the nose.

That doesn't even mean that if you live in NJ or Chicago and you have an interaction with local police that it will necessarily turn out badly. I believe we are less likely to hear about contacts that don't generate a problem. I worked in a rather anti-gun city, but I know many POs who wouldn't give anyone a problem for carrying, even before legal permits, unless the person was engaged in some other crime.

However, in these places one doesn't know which sort of individual a PO will be until he has that contact.

Originally Posted by Pawpaw
But, the responses from the folks in less gun-friendly states is illuminating. I've never run into that mindset. Yeah, there are folks here who don't like the police, and cringe when they see a cruiser in their rear-view mirror, but that's based on traffic tickets, not 2A issues.
Emphasis added. I note this because it is true and funny.

I am a middle aged man and suburban homeowner. I am bald and boring and ooze stability; POs don't see me as a problem and my interactions with them typically reflect that. However, when I was 17 and thought the only correct position for a gas pedal was all the way down, the police viewed me with appropriate suspicion.

When I see a car running radar, I still instinctively lift the pedal and think "Oh ****!". For a split second, I forget that I am no longer 13 and driving illegally. I wonder how old a fellow needs to get to shake that reflex.
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